Pancreatic Cancer Survival

Many people are tempted to throw in the towel when it comes to pancreatic cancer survival. This is because the statistics associated with pancreatic cancer survival are very low. So, what can a person do to help keep their spirits up during such a tumultuous time? Should they try to increase their chances of pancreatic cancer survival by undergoing medical treatments that can cause them to be in pain as well as be sick? Should they accept that death is awaiting them? Ultimately, the answers to these questions will have to be done by the individuals themselves. But if they need additional help and motivation in determining what outlook they should take, they can consider reading pancreatic cancer survival stories.

Stories involving pancreatic cancer survival can be found in a variety of venues. The easiest one is through the Internet. A person can search for stories related to pancreatic survival on message boards or even social networking sites such as Myspace or Facebook. They can also try to look for pancreatic cancer survival stories through online writing portals. These are sites in which people write about their experiences either for fun or to gain an online reputation that can help them in getting writing jobs. There are some online writing portals that pay people money each time an article is sent in. Either way, such sites might yield a person dealing with pancreatic cancer survival issues or a person that knows someone dealing with such concerns. These sites can also provide general articles related to pancreatic cancer, whether it’s info on a ground-breaking treatment, or an article providing strategies on how to cope with the condition.

If you have writing ability yourself, you may even want to consider writing your own pancreatic cancer survival story, either through online writing portals or through a blog. The latter is particularly interesting, since would allow you to interact with your readers right after they finish viewing your story. Either way, consider doing such activities regardless of what the doctors say about your pancreatic cancers survival rate. It would be an emotional release for yourself and others who might be dealing with the condition.

In the meantime try to do what you can to keep yourself healthy. Although science doesn’t know exactly how diet can influence pancreatic cancer survival rates, it does know that certain foods do appear to help boost the immune system better than others. Eat a lot of Vitamin C and try to limit the consumption of bad foods, such as sweets or fast foods. Additionally, consider looking into mistletoe therapy, as the plant has been known to help increase pancreatic cancer survival rates in Europe. Granted doing these things may not get your cancer to go away, but at least it should help in limiting it, and possibly extending whatever grim life expectancy your doctor may have set forth.

Most importantly, try to stay spiritually strong in the process. Unfortunately, no scientific studies have been done concerning pancreatic cancer survival and religion, but this shouldn’t matter. At the very least, religion or other forms of spiritual expression will help make you feel better both in why God decided to have you suffer it and what awaits you afterward if you do die early.


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