Mortality of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer prognosis is not very hopeful for patients. This cancer typically gives all the symptoms at a later stage. This results into late treatment and higher mortality rate among people who suffer from pancreatic cancer.

Typically, chances of survival for people suffering from cancer are quite low. People whose cancer has been diagnosed late can succumb to it within 3 to 6 months of diagnosis and treatment. However, in case of lucky few whose cancer was diagnosed earlier can live a normal life to maximum 5 years. Though, such cases form on 5% of total numbers of people who suffer from pancreatic cancer.

There are no medicines available for this cancer other than the normal medicines given in case of cancers. Pancreatic cancer tends to spread fast therefore, it is necessary that it is diagnosed early. In case where the initial stages have been passed, prognosis available is not very hopeful.

Prognosis generally depends on the type of surgery the patient has undergone. If for removal of this cancer, part of pancreas, stomach and the small intestine have been removed, there are good chances that the person may start suffering with diabetes. This also leads to poor digestion and less appetite. This person therefore cannot live energetic and athletic life like before.

In cases of patients whose cancer has gone into the advanced stage, surgery may be conducted to ease out the pain and discomfort. However, such patient will only feel absence or partial relief from pain. Such a patient is far away from the cure, life expectancy for such a patient is low. Therefore, this person may end up succumbing to the cancer.

Though this cancer forms the largest percentage in deaths from cancer, there has not been enough study for this type of cancer. Contribution of money to the study of this cancer is the lowest for any other cancer. However, there are some medical advancements being made regarding drugs that can be used for curative or preventive purposes of this cancer.

Latest studies have proved that a diet rich in vitamin especially vitamin B and folic acid can prevent this cancer. It has also been noticed that people whose diet consists more of meat and less of vegetables are more likely to suffer from this disease. Though the prognosis is not quite encouraging, those who have lived up to 5 years can live almost normal life.

Pancreatic cancer prognosis changes with every patient and the degree of progress of this cancer. Survival rates for every patient may differ, however, this cancer is not curative and as time passes the cancer tends to grow more thereby reducing the time span for each patient. Ongoing studies about this cancer can surely give better pancreatic cancer prognosis in near future.

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