Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a very cruel illness. It shows no symptoms in its early stages and when it does show symptoms it has advanced to a point where a person may not be able to survive. So, once a person does get an official diagnosis, chances are they will be told they have advanced pancreatic cancer. This could even be the case if their symptoms seem relatively minor, (like if they have weight loss or abdominal pain). Yet, even the minor symptoms are common with advanced pancreatic cancer. And eventually, they will progress to the more major symptoms associated with advanced pancreatic cancer.

What can a person expect if they have received the news that they have advanced pancreatic cancer? The answer is more than likely they will die in five months to a year. And as their advanced pancreatic cancer gets to a point that is completely lethal, a person may be so sick they cannot do anything for themselves. They may have difficulty eating and be in a lot of pain, as the pancreatic tumors quickly take over their once healthy body.

Treatment options with advanced pancreatic cancer may make a person even more sick. This is especially the case with chemotherapy, a common option given to individuals with advanced pancreatic cancer. With chemotherapy an individual is given a series of chemical-laden drugs that fight against the cancer cells. In the process the chemicals attack the immune system, because they are so strong. This results in a person getting sick and losing their hair.

Many people decide to ditch conventional treatment when told they have advanced pancreatic cancer. They don’t want to ruin whatever time they have by getting more sick with treatments that may not work anyway. Then there are others that fight tooth and nail trying to surpass their advanced pancreatic cancer. They consider all medical and alternative therapies. They may even be proactive and volunteer themselves for clinical trials, in the hope that a new drug or therapy could rid them of their advanced pancreatic cancer. Either way, they refuse to accept that they are going to die so soon.

Which approach is best? The answer is all of them. The approach in which an advanced pancreatic cancer sufferer accepts death is mature, especially since everyone is going to die anyway. At least with this approach they ponder more about what their new ‘life’ is going to bring, rather than how miserable their current life is. Yet, trying to stay alive is a basic human instinct, so the advanced pancreatic cancer sufferers definitely aren’t wrong in their position. Additionally, their fervency could help provide information on therapies and treatments that may help prolong or maybe even one day cure advanced pancreatic cancer.

In conclusion, advanced pancreatic cancer is pretty much a death sentence, at least in the eyes of the medical community. You don’t have to necessarily accept this, but if you find you are more at peace realizing that it is just your time to go, you have every right to your feelings. Otherwise, if you are on the other end of your spectrum, keep staying strong in your struggle to stay alive.

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